All Authority

The Coronation of Jesus Part 1B

The Coronation of Jesus Part 1B Sam Soleyn - 'We are the executive agencies, corporately, by which the sovereign authority of Jesus Christ was meant to be projected in the earth.  Our empowerment is the sovereign authority of Jesus as King.  We are the feet under which the enemy is meant to be brought when we are made subject to God by Christ.'

Making Disciples Part 1C

Making Disciples Part 1C Sam Soleyn - 'When the world says that they can come to God any way they want to, the god they're talking about is not the God who is God.  Today, men everywhere are talking about God, but if this god is not the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, then the word 'god' is a sham.'

Making Disciples Part 1B

Making Disciples Part 1B Sam Soleyn - 'A disciple is someone who obeys the Lord in everything.  Jesus did nothing except what he saw the Father doing and said nothing except what he heard the Father saying.  The Father loves His sons and shows them, by the Spirit who lives in them, what He is doing and saying.'

112 - The Gospel of the King Part I

Ambassadors of Christ Programs The Gospel of the King Part I Sam Soleyn 05/2007 - 'Verse 7 of the second Psalm, 'I will proclaim the decree of the Lord', describes the rule of Jesus the King and is the very description of humility.  God's response to this inaugural address was that since Jesus the King would obey the Lord in all things, God made Him His Son and His heir.'

45 - Holy Spirit – Delegate of The Lord and Christ

The Kingdom of God Holy Spirit – Delegate of The Lord and Christ Sam Soleyn Studio Session 45 08/2004 - 'The point of communion between the Holy Spirit and the human being is the spirit.  The mind of the spirit must rule over the mind of the soul and renew its thinking, premises, and assumptions in order for us to have an actual relationship with the Lord.  Suffering is the means by which the Lord accomplishes this.'

44 - Power and Authority

The Kingdom of God Power and Authority Sam Soleyn Studio Session 44 08/2004 - 'Against His enemy, Jesus has all power and all authority in heaven and on earth.  It is the power and authority of the risen Christ that must be operating in us in order to have any chance of fulfilling our destiny, that of rescuing people from the lies and schemes of Satan.'

33 - Baptism of the Spirit Part 2

Elementary Doctrines Baptism of the Spirit Part 2 Studio Session 33 Sam Soleyn 01/2004 - 'Baptism 'by' the Spirit, in contrast to baptism 'of' the Spirit, results not in power, but in identity.  Baptism by the Spirit assembles you into the Body of Christ as the part that God designed you to be in order to live out the destiny God had in mind for you before you were in your mother's womb.'

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