11 Sam Soleyn

11 Sam Soleyn - 'The kosmos is an orderly adornment and is usually a reference to systems under the sway or rule of the kosmokrator, the God of this world.  Kosmos is not geographic, but systemic.  Every system upon which human life depends has become global.  This is the beast against which no man can make war.'

Coming of the Lord Signs Part 1A

Coming of the Lord Signs Part 1A Sam Soleyn - 'God is preparing His people for the end of the age.  The world is already coalescing and shaping up in ways that are very distinct and that show signs, on the earth, beginning to indicate the time of the coming of the Lord .  The Lord would not have you be uninformed.'

15 - Prophetic Understanding

Prophetic Understanding Sam Soleyn 01/2003 - 'When Satan and his angels are hurled down to earth, he will subjugate the entire earth to his rule through his vassals and through the systems he has created upon which all human life depends.  The soul of man yearns for security in the area of provision and protection and that is exactly what Satan's kingdom will offer.'


93 - The Beast – Satan’s Kingdom

Signs of the End of the Age The Beast – Satan’s Kingdom Studio Session 93 Sam Soleyn 01/01/2006 - 'The kingdom that is arising that will oppress the whole earth is a global kingdom made up of the integration of various systems upon which human life depends, both for its existence and enrichment.  These systems will eventually come together and form one global identity; a global identity opposed to the kingdom of God.'

80 - Seven Systems – Ten Rulers

The Global Kingdom Seven Systems – Ten Rulers Studio Session 80 Sam Soleyn -'The world has become global in its way of being and the survival of nations contributes directly to the economic and social wellbeing of other nations.  It is easy to see how the beast with 7 heads and 10 horns, a global kingdom made up of systems, will devour and control the entire population.'

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