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ASOM 2017 - Session 3 - Sagie Govender

Apostolic School of Ministry - 30th Final - Session 3 - Sagie Govender - Johannesburg SA - ‘When we speak of oneness, we are speaking about being one as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one.  Over the coming two to three years, the landscape of the church will undergo enormous change, causing much pain and suffering, but the rebuilding process will see the emergence of a powerful church, one that will express itself through its corporeity, through its exact representation of the oneness of the Godhead.’

133 - Disciplining Sons

Disciplining Sons Sam Soleyn 12/2007 - 'When you are born again, you are born as an infant, a newborn, but are given the power to become a son of God by the Holy Spirit.  This word 'son' refers to the term 'huios', a fully mature son who is capable of handling the affairs of the Father's house.'

75 - The Promises of Sonship

Sonship The Promises of Sonship Studio Session 75 Sam Soleyn 11/2004 -'The first and greatest promise to God's sons is that the glory that belongs to Christ, the Head, remains in the earth to cover His Body.  When you elect to follow Christ in total submission and obedience as living sacrifices, He protects you, provides for your every need, and enables to you fulfill your destiny.'

58 - Christ and Moses

Sonship Christ and Moses Studio Session 58 Sam Soleyn 11/2004 -'Before God laid the foundations of the world, He swore an oath to Himself that He would have sons.  This covenant was attached specifically to the lineage of Abraham and found its fulfillment on the cross, when entrance into the Most Holy Place was opened to us by the blood of Jesus.'

57 - The Government of God – Women in The Body of Christ

The Kingdom of God The Government of God – Women in The Body of Christ Sam Soleyn Studio Session 57 08/2004 - 'Although the man is equal to the woman in terms of sonship, in terms of government, the role of the man is designed to protect the woman from the attacks of the enemy.  Being neither male nor female is relevant to the question of our sonship, but not relevant to the question of our authority.'

43 - Authority of the Kingdom

The Kingdom of God Authority of the Kingdom Sam Soleyn Studio Session 43 08/2004 - 'The church is the physical, corporate presence of Jesus Christ in the earth, established with sufficient authority to resist the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.  The government of God is meant to operate among a people who see themselves as a nation among nations, a holy nation.'

25 - Love and Our Destiny

The New Commandment Love and Our Destiny Sam Soleyn Studio Session 25 11/2003 - 'The intention of God, as you mature, is to call you up to a place of vision that is outside of yourself and seated on the throne.  This is the exanastasis or the 'out resurrection' in which you see all things from an eternal viewpoint, including people.  You see them in their present state and you see who God intends them to be.'

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