Capacity to Love

21 - Why Humans?

The New Commandment Why Humans? Sam Soleyn Studio Session 21 11/2003 - 'Love is the spontaneous coming forth from a human being of the desire to care for another, up to and including the forfeiture of his own life.  This is a characteristic that is not present or observable in any other creation except human beings who are born again of the very nature of God.'

18 - To Be Partakers of the Divine Nature

The New Commandment To Be Partakers of the Divine Nature Sam Soleyn Studio Session 18 11/2003 - 'God's choice of humans as His heirs was a choice that would both test the nature of God to love and be the proper and appropriate choice if God were going to have sons who, in kind and nature, were like God, because unlike the angels, mankind was created with the capacity to love.'

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