Changes Mindset

Savannah Georgia Session 5

Sam Soleyn September 2014 - 'A father projects the horizons of the next generation far beyond what he was able to reach himself, because a father sees himself projected through the generations into the future.  A father commits the representation of himself to his children.  That is humility.'

Summary - A New Season of God

Summary - A New Season of God Sam Soleyn - 'When you represent an eternal standard you understand that the coming of the eternal into time is never benign.  It is seed that is meant to metamorphose in the womb of your spirit, bringing forth something from the heavenlies that God intended and designed for your moment in time.'

140 - The Apostles Doctrine

The Apostles Doctrine Sam Soleyn 5/2008 - 'The early church experienced a genuine transformation in the mindsets of the people, because there was a genuine transformation in their culture when they made contact with the Kingdom.  The first cultural change centered around the apostles, the sent ones, because the people continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine.'

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