God's Goodness

The Mindset of the Orphan Part 2

The Mindset of the Orphan Part 2 Sam Soleyn - 'Once man began to see himself as an orphan, through the eyes of his soul, he began to see spiritual things dimly as through a veil.  The natural way that the soul sees spiritual realities is through types and shadows.  In God's infinite goodness, he showed man spiritual things in a way that he could understand them.'

Making Disciples Part 1D

Making Disciples Part 1D Sam Soleyn - 'The King was given the nations for His inheritance, so His Spirit is actively searching the hearts of men among the nations to see who has a heart that desires to be reconciled to God.  God will send you right at the time He has drawn someone.  It is foolishness to think our words will draw anyone.'

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