Mysteries of Christ Part 4

Mysteries of Christ Part 4 Sam Soleyn - 'A covenant was previously established by God that created a promise, which promise was given to Abraham 430 years before the Law.  This covenant was vested in Abraham as the beneficiary, the covenant itself being between God and God.  This covenant stated that in Abraham's seed God would bless all the nations of the earth.'

94 - The Systems of the Beast, Part 1

Signs of the End of the Age The Systems of the Beast, Part 1 Studio Session 94 Sam Soleyn 01/01/2006 - 'The accessibility of this global kingdom will offer convenience, the promise of survival and certainty, and the promise of provision and protection.  To avail yourself of it, you must opt in as a deliberate choice.  This kingdom is predatory in nature and will enslave people whose primary goal is to survive.'

71 - Questions About the Law

Sonship Questions About the Law Studio Session 71 Sam Soleyn 11/2004 - 'The Law, ironically, though it enslaved Israel, also saved Israel; saved them from annihilation.  This served the purpose of God, because God was looking forward to the time when the Seed would come and make humans into His heirs.  God's mercy preserved Israel, through the Law, until this eventuality occurred.'

63 - The Covenant of Sonship

Sonship The Covenant of Sonship Studio Session 63 Sam Soleyn 11/2004 - 'God began creation with a promise of sonship, a covenant He swore to Himself.  This covenant pre-existed the Law.  God attached this covenant to Abraham and promised his descendants that they would be His heirs.  The Jews rejected this covenant, so God gave them the Law until the Seed should come.'


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